How to Identify If Facebook Account is Fake or Real? – Some Major Steps

You might have seen many people involved in using Facebook accounts and getting so many friend requests, and most of them are with girls’ names. There are some people who make fake accounts to tease other people with a girl’s identity, and there is no way to find out about the real identity of the account user. Most people tend to use the account user’s real identity so that they can find out whether they are chatting with a girl or a boy.

When people get a friend request with some common names without a profile photo, they prefer to know whether the account is real o fake. Some people opt for buying Facebook accounts, and due to real and fake factors, people find it risky to buy them.

Most people prefer to buy real Facebook accounts so that they can have a real existence in the social media world and meet new real people. The people who want to learn about the major steps to determine whether the account is fake or real can stay focused and consider the following points.

Steps to Identify the Reality of the Account

1.    First of all, you have to right-click on the image of the profile from which you have received a friend request so that you can get some helping factors.

2.    You have to select the copy image address or you can also copy the image URL as it will help you use the link or the address to paste somewhere else.

3.   Then, you have to visit the link and click on the camera icon that is used for searching the image of the account of the social media apps. When you click on the image, then a pop-up will appear, and you have to paste that URL there.

4.    You have to paste the image address or the URL in the text field to move further to the next steps.

5.   After that, you have to click on the Search by Image button to check the reality of the account and then different pages containing the same image.

With the help of these steps, you can identify whether the Facebook account is real or fake, and if it comes in the various searches, then it’s real, and if not, then it’s fake. You should be aware of the steps so that you can stay safe from various frauds that help just because of the fake Facebook accounts. There are so many fake profiles in the online world, and it’s important to check them out for your safety and security.

Final Verdict

When you complete the info mentioned, it will allow you to know about the major steps, allowing you to identify whether the Facebook account is fake or real. It will also help you get motivated to buy real Facebook accounts and enhance your knowledge about Facebook apps. Try to stay connected for better understanding and grab proper details about the various steps to identify the Facebook accounts’ reality.