The card game of rich and famous: baccarat

The game of rich and famous has been shunned time and time again by many people online. This happened because of its association with wealthy and famous people. 

The game of chances

The term baccarat is derived from an Italian word that means zero. บาคาร่า generates excitement even if it’s being played in an online casino.

With no skills required to play the game, it is one of the easiest casino games to learn. Rules determine each hand’s action. The only big variable is betting. This is why we can even call it the game of chances.

Origins of baccarat

The origins of Baccarat could be traced back to the middle ages. It is said to have originated either in France or in Italy. When this game was initially played it was played with tarot cards instead of modern-day cards. 

When บาคาร่า grew popular across Europe, the church opposed it as it did with most casino games. According to the church, baccarat was a devil’s game and playing it meant you were doing devil’s work.

Initially, in baccarat, a dice was rolled to check on the faith of a young woman as a sacrifice was required of a blond virgin by nine gods. Tarot cards were initially used in this game by Felix Galguiere. 

If the roll came out to be an eight or nine that would make that woman a priestess. A six or seven meant that the woman will be banned from religious practices. She would have to walk into the sea and disappear if the number was less than six. 

This form of gambling like any other was illegal at first but still was highly popular. Baccarat at this time was being played by the upper class and aristocracy only. Finally, the government of various countries made it legal again but with taxation policy governing it.

All this made the game even more popular as now when the people paid taxes against playing the game they believed they were doing something noble for the poor. However, during Napoleon’s era, this game lost its popularity as it was again outlawed. After that, it remained illegal till the early 1900s. A lot of casinos were established near French Riviera around this time. 

Now, there are two different versions of the game that came to America and England. This was because Baccarat was illegal at the time in England and for that matter in the whole of Europe. 


The Baccarat version is today popular in the United States. England, Australia, and practically across the world looks something like this. It all began in America as an unpopular selection of casino games. Las vegas adapted to the game with a little bit of twist. Here, they introduced the banker, the UK casino, or the house position. This allowed people to bet against the house with banker position.

Even before this game was made to Las Vegas, it was already being played in New York and Florida. There are variations of this game depending upon the place where you are playing บาคาร่าSo, do go through the house rules beforehand.